Jules Verne: a wonderful world to discover (6th part)

Eis o derradeiro folhetim relativo ao meu artigo em inglês sobre o magnânimo escritor francês Júlio Verne. Como sabem, trata-se de um trabalho de projecto para uma revista online coordenada pela minha professora da disciplina, que elaborei com muito amor e carinho pela obra verniana, que me tem inspirado ao longo do últimos anos.

Neste excerto falo da morte do grande herói e das homenagem que lhe foi prestada, terminando com uma referência pessoal à excelência da sua produção literária. Um até sempre, Júlio Verne!

O Mundo possui seis continentes: Europa, África, Ásia, América, Oceânia, e Júlio Verne!

Claude Roy

Jules Verne Monument in Madeleine Cemetery

Jules Verne Monument in the Madeleine Cemetery

Death and Tribute

In 1905, on the 24th March, Jules Verne passed away in Amiens. He was 77 years old and his death cause was a diabetes disease. The coffin was carried by four of the most important living persons at that moment: his new editor Louis-Jules Hetzel, Charles Lemire, from the Geographical Society, doctor Fournier, director of Amiens Academy, and the President of the Industrial Society. Jules Verne was a member of all these institutions and that was obvious in his beatiful funeral. He was sepulted in the Madeleine Cemetery and an imponent monument was constructed near his grave.

In the following days, Jules Verne death was noticed in all French newspapers and during the next weeks, many important people paid tribute to one of ther greatest heroes of the History of the humankind. His name will never be forgotten.

Jules Verne: a Hero to Remember… and Read!

The Extraordinary Voyages

His literary legacy is vast as space and include all sorts of compositions. Verne is mostly known by the adventures romances from the Extraordinary Voyages collection, which include 62 fantastic travel literature books. However, he also wrote other romances, some novels, many short stories, History books, theatre plays and even poetry.

The Extraordinary Voyages are a superb universe to be discovered. Jules Verne is a master in creating wonderful heart-stopping narratives in which he combines sceience and action, instruction and fun. His romances are not only a brilliant source of science, but also a very powerful geographical and historical knowledge instrument. The way Jules Verne does that is simply awesome: using an accessible but always expressive language, he alternates narration moments and sublime space descriptions, creating spectacular plots and revealing surprinsing cultural details.

Personaly, the mystery present in his stories and the eye-catching travelling adventures are the most captivating thing in his books. His unbelievable prediction abilities are another fabulous point of Jules Verne literature. How was he able to foresee the invention of the submarine, the trip to the moon, the flying machines and many other milestones in the History of science and technology? These are the main reasons why I consider Jules Verne so important and I suggest all readers to try one of his books. I’m sure you will like.


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